Reports and Arrests

On 01/01/2018 at approximately 0831 hours, Officer was dispatched to Galaxie St. in regard to an unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. On arrival, Officer made contact with the complainant who stated that on 12/31/17 at approximately 2200 hours an acquaintance dropped by her residence to say "Hello". This acquaintance told her that he was dropped off and that another friend was going to pick him up. A short time later the suspect left saying his friend was there. The complainant later realized that her grandfather's vehicle keys were missing from the table at which time she checked the driveway of the residence and saw the vehicle (silver Chevrolet Malibu) missing from the driveway. She called the acquaintance about the vehicle, who told her that he took the vehicle and that it had broken down. She has been unable to get a hold of the suspect since then.

On 01/01/2018 at approximately 1215 hours, Officer was dispatched to Brenners Pl. in regard to a vandalism complaint to a vehicle. On arrival, Officer made contact with the complainant/victim who stated that during the overnight hours, what appears to be a male driving a dark color minivan threw an egg at his white Chevrolet truck that was parked on the street in front of this residence. The egg hit on the driver side of the vehicle in between the front and back door causing discoloration to the paint.

On 1-1-18 at approximately 1248 hours, while on routine patrol, Officer was flagged down in front on Old Brownsville by the victim/complainant. Upon making contact with the victim, he advised that his 2004 blue Ford Mustang was just stolen from the residence by unknown suspect(s). The victim stated that he left his car running on the street in front the residence and when he came back outside to get into the vehicle it was gone.

On 1/1/2018 at approximately 1600 hours, Officer responded to Robin Hop Ave on a theft of a handgun. Upon arrival, Officer spoke to the complainant who advised that she had several friends over the night before for a New Year's Eve party and during that time, her father's black handgun was stolen from the master bedroom. Her friend told her that while he was sleeping in the living room he saw a tall male with a hat on and wearing a hoodie and a back pack enter the unlocked rear door of the residence around 0600 hours on today's date and walk throughout the house. He was under the assumption that the male suspect was a party goer and had lawful reason to be there. He then saw the male walk down the hallway to the master bedroom and opened the door. The male then left the residence through the rear door.

On 01/01/2018 at 23:00 hours, Officer responded to a Theft from Motor Vehicle at Peyton Randolph Dr. The complainant/victim advised that she opened her garage and observed a tall thin male suspect going through the passenger side of her vehicle, in the driveway. She stated that he immediately ran to a black Toyota Tundra and drove away. She locked her vehicle, however officer did not observe any damage to the vehicle. She observed a neighbor's vehicle lights on as well when she went outside and advised officer to check it as well. Officer made scene at Peyton Randolph and observed 3 unlocked vehicles, that appeared to have been rummaged through as well in the driveway. Officer made contact with victim who stated that the vehicles were left unlocked. Both victims stated that no items of value were missing from any of the vehicles and there was no damage observed to any vehicles.

On Tuesday January 2, 2018 at approximately 0412 hours, officer was dispatched to Craigmont Dr. in regards to a theft from a motor vehicle. Upon arrival, officer made contact with complaint/Victim, who stated that he initiated the automatic start at approximately 0355 hours on his truck that was parked in his driveway and when he returned to his vehicle approximately 5 minutes later, he noticed that the driver side door was open. He looked inside the truck and noticed that his handgun and his flashlight were stolen from inside the vehicle.

On 01/02/2017 at 1150 hours Officer was dispatched to 3730 Appling Rd. Bartlett Tn. at police headquarters on a walk in theft report. The complainant/victim stated that he recently moved into an apartment at Quail Glenn Ct. Bartlett Tn. and hired a classmate of his to hang two television sets for him. He reported that the suspect and another male arrived at his apartment at 0830 hours on today’s date to do the work. He paid the suspects $100 cash and left them to do the work while he left to run an errand. When he returned at 1000 hours the suspects were gone as well as his 2 TVs and his Apple Macbook Pro.

On 1-2-17 at approx. 1425 hours, Officer was dispatched to 3730 Appling Rd in regard to a theft. Upon, arrival Officer spoke with complainant who advised that unknown suspect(s) made multiple withdraws on 12/19/17 from his checking account. The complainant stated that all fraudulent checks totaled $6,425.

On 01/03/2018 at 03:23 hours, an off duty detective observed a dark colored 4dr sedan with no headlights parked on Bostick Rd. The suspect vehicle was possibly a Nissan sedan with a black rim or spare tire on the front driver’s side wheel. The detective saw two unknown individuals run between between two houses and jump into the suspect vehicle. The detective then saw an additional two individuals jump into the same vehicle for a total of four suspects. The suspect vehicle then began to leave the area south bound on New Brunswick Rd. On duty Officers arrived to the area of Ballard and Bostick and were able to locate three vehicles that appeared to have been unlawfully entered. Officers made contact with the owner of two of the vehicles who stated that both vehicles were unlocked but it appeared no items were taken. Officers could not make contact with the owner of the third vehicle.

On 1/4/2018 at approximately 1248 hours Officer was dispatched to Stage Rd Suite (Norman Realtors) regarding a fraud. On arrival, Officer spoke with the owner of Norman Realtors who stated that she is aware of at least four money orders stolen from her office between Friday December 29th, 2017 and Tuesday January 2nd, 2018. She was contacted by the Kroger in Southaven, MS (465 Stateline Rd W Southaven, MS 38671) stating that a suspect has come in several times today trying to cash a $1100 money order made out to Norman Realtors along with several other money orders made out to several other Realty companies. She had two other money orders missing from last month for a total of $550.

On 01/04/2018 at approximately 1604 hours Reporting Officers were dispatched to 3730 Appling Rd (Bartlett City Jail Lobby) on a robbery complaint. On arrival Officers spoke with the complainant who said that her juvenile son, told her that he was robbed on 01/03/2018. Officers then spoke with victim who stated that on 01/03/2018 between 1630 and 1700 hours, he and two of his friends were walking in front of the Dollar Tree (5995 Stage Rd) when two male subjects approached him and his friends. One subject then demanded that he give him his shoes. He stated that he denied the request at which time the subject pulled his shirt up to reveal a gun and demanded for the shoes again. The victim gave them to him.

On 01/04/2018 at 17:21 hours, Officer responded to a Burglary/Residential at Robin Hill. Upon arrival, Officer spoke with complainant/victim and his son. Officer was advised that the above home had just been burglarized and several items stolen. The son stated that he heard a loud bang and then exited a bathroom at the rear of his father's residence where he observed a known suspect and a second unidentified male subject in the house. He yelled at the suspect at which time both suspects ran out of the back door. The son stated that he chased the suspects towards Ellendale Elementary before returning to the house. Officer noted that the back door had been forced open and was able to locate a clear shoe print on the door indicating the suspect had kicked the door. The victim advised that the several items were stolen from the house by the suspects, mostly gaming equipment.

On 01/04/2018 at approximately 1945 hours, Officer responded to a Theft call on Bartlett Blvd at Applebee's. Upon arrival, Officer made contact with complainant/victim/employee, who advised that her gold Apple IPhone 7plus phone was stolen. She stated that on this date at 1800 hours, she took a lunch break and sat down at a booth and laid her phone on the table next to her meal. At 1810 hours, she stepped away from the table to assist a co-worker and returned at 1830 hours and noticed that her phone was missing.

On 01-05-18 at approximately 0701 hours, Officer responded to Marbry Cv. in regard to an auto burglary complaint. Officer spoke with complainant who stated that sometime between 2200 hours on 01-04-18 and 01-05-18 at 0445hours, an unknown person(s) entered her unlocked vehicle that was parked behind her house under the carport. The unknown suspect(s) took her brown purse, which contained several personal items, including a handgun.

On 01/05/2018 at approximately 1101 hours, Officers responded to a vandalism complaint on Altruria Road. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the complainant who advised that when he arrived at Bartlett Municipal Park to fill the vending machines, he discovered that both the Powerade machine and Coca Cola machine were damaged. Officers observed both vending machines to have significant damage to the outer body. The damage indicated that tools were used in the vandalism in an attempt to open the machines.

On 01/05/2018 at 19:08 hours, Officer reported a 'Suspicious Circumstances' memo at Elmore Rd. The victim stated he and his wife arrived home at approximately 1850 hours. When they arrived home, an unknown older red (4) door Chevrolet sedan was parked in their driveway close to the residence. The victim pulled next to the vehicle and observed a male, wearing a camo jacket, sitting in the driver seat. The victim attempted to make contact with the suspect, at which time the vehicle pulled out of the driveway and left westbound Elmore at a high rate of speed.

On 01/06/2018 at approximately 1942 hours, Officer responded to an Auto Theft at Stage Road at Andy B’s parking lot. Upon arrival, Officer made contact with complainant/victim. The complainant stated that on 01/05/2018 at 1900 hours, she parked her silver Honda Accord in the parking lot at Andy B’s at 6276 Stage Road. The complainant stated that she was in the bowling alley until 2330 hours and left with her boyfriend in another vehicle, leaving her car on the lot. When she returned to the lot to pick up her car on this date at 1920 hours and noticed that her vehicle was missing. The complainant explained that she does not have a spare key for anyone to take her car. Officer made contact with the manager in Andy B's and he advised that they have not had a car towed on their lot during this time frame.

On Sunday, 1/7/2018, at approximately 1308, Officer responded to Craven on a theft/burglary complaint. Officer made contact with complainant/victim, who stated that between Sunday, 12/31/2017 and the morning of today's date, a suspect(s) used a prying object to gain entry into his storage shed. The suspect(s) then used a cutting tool to cut the cable and lock that secured Oliver's lawn equipment. The suspect(s) then stole several yard tools/equipment.

On (1/7/18) at approx. (1415) hours Officer was approached by the complainant/victim who stated that his truck was broken into between (1800) hours on (1/6/18) and (1300) hours on (1/7/18) by unknown Suspect(s). The victim thinks he left his vehicle unlocked during this time frame and advised Officer that the Suspect(s) stole a semi auto pistol from his center console.

On 01/06/2018 at 21:30 hours, Officer responded to a large fight inside of the Hollywood Cinema Movie Theater located at 6711 Stage Road. Bartlett Police Dispatch advised that approximately 30 to 50 juveniles were fighting in the lobby area and in front of the building in the parking lot. On arrival, officers observed several juveniles running out of the main entrance and through the front parking lot. Officers attempted to make contact with several of the juveniles, but none would cooperate and speak with officers. Officers made their way towards the front of the theater lobby and spoke with the security staff. Security advised that after the movie "Insidious" let out, several juveniles began to loiter in the lobby area. Hollywood Cinema Staff advised the juveniles that they had to exit the theater because they were causing an obstruction and preventing patrons from getting to their movies. Several of the juveniles began to curse and scream at the staff. Shortly thereafter, several juveniles began physically fighting with each other. The security staff stated that the fighting got so out of control that he used his pepper spray to separate several of the juveniles and disburse the crowd. The majority of the juveniles left the scene upon officers’ arrival to the movie theater and the remaining were dispersed accordingly. The staff could not identify who started the initial incident, or which individuals were involved. Officers were unable to locate any victims from a potential assault.